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Are you one of the thousands debilitated by back pain?
Does IT control your life not you?

Do you find you can't do the things you used to love to do, you can't enjoy your life because IT won't let you.

Do any of these problems sound all too familiar to you?

  • You can’t curl up on the sofa with a loved one and cuddle
  • You can’t pick up a child (let’s not even think about whirling them around as so many of them seem to love)
  • Eating out now means checking out the restaurant chairs for comfort more than looking at the menu
  • No dancing
  • No taking part in all that energetic party fun
  • You can't do a lot of the simple chores around the house
  • That exotic vacation is out, bumpy roads and uncomfortable seats,who knows what kind of beds!
  • What about the sports you love. No bowling, horseback riding, no funfares or amusement park rides, and many many other things you love to do.

AHH!!! What has happened to your life? It's GONE! All thosethings you loved to do and now all you can do is watch othersdo them and feel so ANGRY AND FRUSTRATED!!!

Most likely you have tried, at least a few things. Perhaps you went to your doctor, maybe you have been to several doctors, physiotherapy and other treatments.

But your still in pain, you still don't know what to do. You see hundreds of products for back pain, friends tell you about other people, but what do you do. You are not made of money you can't try everything!

You don't have to. I have a BIG shortcut for you.
It's called "Take Control of Your Back".

It's your shortcut to a healthy back. It tells you what treatments work, what doesn’t which way to turn for help, and which ones to avoid. What is a waste of time and money, what can end up causing you more pain and suffering than you already have. It tells you what other books don't.

This book is your road to recovery.

But it does not end there. Our support goes on and on.

With your purchase you get FREE MEMBERSHIP in the ‘take back your life’ group.

This gives you access to the members only website. All the detailed reviews and information that has been carried out since the last book publication is placed here. I am constantly checking out methods and remedies for back pain, so don't get static information, you get constant updates. Plus our members forum gives you the ability to interact with other back pain suffers so you are never alone.

Delay no longer, order ‘Take Control of your Back’ and start on your road to recovery today.

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